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We are an established family run business and together with our valued staff we have been producing high quality brown, blue and rainbow trout since the early 1970's. Our speciality is supplying fish for restocking.

We are proud of our long standing working relationships with a wide variety of valued clients whose custom we have built on over the years.

Our ethos is to ensure an exceptional level of service based upon trust, reliability and the safe delivery of high quality fish.

We are happy to provide testimonials upon request.

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Extensive earth ponds set in the idyllic Peak District.

We have two 'growing on' sites and a hatchery based in the Peak District National Park. Our main site (Leadmill) is located in the Hope Valley. It is fed by a tributary of the River Derwent producing natural pure clear water sourced from springs and the surrounding  hills. Our hatchery located close to the site is spring fed.

Our second site is situated on the Chatsworth Estate near Bakewell. The ponds there use spring water issuing from the surrounding limestone peaks.

We use large earth ponds on both sites to grow our fish enabling them to live in a relatively natural environment. These native conditions make it less stressful for the fish upon transfer into most waters. We are able to produce excellent hardy muscular fish as we stock at low densities and use high quality feed.

We supply Riparian Owners, Fishing Clubs, Estates, Water Authorities and Fisheries of various sizes with brown, blue and rainbow trout to restock their fishing lakes, reservoirs, rivers and ponds. The fish are sold by weight generally ranging from 0.5lb to 8 lbs. Larger sized fish can be ordered by prior arrangement. We can also supply Ova, Fry and Fingerlings upon prior notice.

Please feel free to contact us if you want any advice or more information about the Farm or if you want to discuss your requirements further.

Why Choose Us?

We are all about delivering premium produce every time.

We are passionate about rearing Trout and we do it well.


Fish are transported to our customers using purpose made vehicles. The fish are contained in water filled tanks that have a constant supply of oxygen and air diffused through them. This ensures stress free delivery by our own experienced drivers in either our Lorry or 4x4 pick up trucks with trailers for any off road deliveries


The farm sites are based in the picturesque Peak District. We are centrally located in the U.K. with good access to the motorway network enabling deliveries in our specially adapted vehicles over long distances.


The farm has been in existence for over 40 years over two generations. Keith Rotherham established the farm based upon his extensive experience. James Rotherham, the current owner has a HND with Distinction in Fish Farming and Fishery Management. Our Farm Manager together with our dedicated team are highly skilled and passionate about their work.


Meticulous attention and regular reviews of fish production methods guarantee premium quality. The welfare of our fish is important to us. Stocking densities are low to prevent stress and to promote razor sharp fins and healthy skins resulting in resilient fighting fish. The fish are sorted by hand for the correct size and quality to meet our clients' expectations.


We can arrange site visits to discuss issues such as water quality problems, habitat improvements and stocking policies. We have direct access to specialist knowledge through our many experienced contacts within the industry. Assistance can be offered with applications for stocking consents from the E.A.


Great care is taken of our fish. We promote good husbandry (BTA best practice guidelines). We routinely inspect our fish and they are health checked by external examiners (CEFAS regulations). The E.A. monitors our water quality. The fish are fed high quality fish pellets for a 'balanced' diet. We take bio-security very seriously. Our sites are kept clean and tidy and all equipment is disinfected.

Fish Production Process

 There are 3 main stages to our fish production.


Fertilised eggs are laid in troughs. Upon hatching, 'alevins' are revealed. These are tiny fish with a yolk sac attached to their belly, this is absorbed as they develop. Eventually they swim to the surface to fill their swim bladder with air to become 'fry'.

Fry to fingerling

Fry feed on crumbs of fish food. As they grow they are moved to bigger tanks outside and fed with larger fish pellets. The markings on their flanks look like imprints of fingers hence 'fingerling'.

On growing

Finally the fingerlings are moved to on growing earth ponds. They have plenty of space to grow further. Once ready for sale, they are individually sorted by hand for delivery.